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7 Jan 1998

The ZX81


Sinclair's third computer, the ZX81, was not "just another product" but became a veritable phenomenon. By modern standards it is laughably primitive: only 1K of memory, no colour or sound, touch-sensitive keyboard... but back in 1981 the idea that a complete, working computer could be bought off-the-shelf for under 100 was almost unheard of. It sold millions, virtually created the British home computer market and made Sinclair a millionaire.

  Computers for the masses: the ZX81
(Personal Computer World, June 1981)
  Lower price: higher capability!
Sinclair's original promotional brochure
*   The ZX81: The Beginning of the Boom
(Sinclair and the Sunrise Technology, chapter 6)
*   Search for second-hand ZX81s
(Loot magazine)
*   TS1000 / ZX81 kits for sale (US and Canada only)
(Zebra Systems)
*   ZX81 software
*   ZX81 emulators