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Last updated
8 Jan 1998

The PC200


The last computer to appear under the Sinclair brand was the PC200, launched in 1988 by Amstrad. A cut-down PC with a 286 processor, CGA video card and no hard disk (!), it was an unsuccessful attempt by Amstrad to capture the low end of the growing PC market. Its one notable innovation was that it was could be connected to a television without needing any extra cards. However, it was a dismal commercial failure and today it is, after the ZX80, the rarest Sinclair computer.

Release year: 1988
CPU/Clock speed: Intel 8086/8 MHz
RAM (expandable): 512 (640) KByte
Display: TV/Monitor
Text display: 80*25
Graphics display: CGA
Colours: 16 colours
Sound: 1 channel
Operating system: MS-DOS 3.3
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