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7 Jan 1998

The "Loki"


"Loki" was the Spectrum that never was. When Sinclair's computer range was sold to Amstrad in 1986, a number of next generation products were still in the pipeline but never came to fruition. Foremost of these was the so-called Super Spectrum, the Low-cost Colour Computer (or LoCC, inevitably codenamed "Loki"). It was intended to be an Amiga-beater, with custom graphics and sound chips, a "huge" 512x256 resolution in up to 256 colours and a 128K memory. And all for under 200. This, of course, was completely unrealistic: at the time, the Amiga cost 1,500, a price imposed by its sophisticated custom hardware. In the event, Amstrad abandoned design work on the machine. The keyboard appears to have influenced the design of the Spectrum +2 and +3 case, but otherwise nothing ever emerged of the "Loki".
* Super Spectrum
(Sinclair User, June 1986)