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8 March 1998


This is the fourth incarnation of the Sinclair archive here at Trondheim. Arnt Gulbrandsen's Spectrum Forever! - the first Sinclair Web site - was expanded in 1995 with the addition of my Virtual Spectrum pages. In 1996, the site was expanded still further and retitled Planet Sinclair to reflect its new scope. By that convention, I should rename this latest version "Sinclair Universe", as it's probably larger than most of the other Sinclair sites combined, with over 200 pages. But four changes of name in three years might be overdoing it !

There's a great deal that's new:

You can also download the entire archive in .ZIP compressed format for offline viewing.

The archive will be updated regularly. If you have any queries about it, please write to me at: sinclair@nvg.unit.no. Enjoy !

Chris Owen,
February 1998



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Stig Venaas, the Radcliffe Science Library (Oxford), theNational Museum of Science & Technology (London)

and of course

Sir Clive Sinclair