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26 Feb 1998

Sinclair comes back with satellite television dish

THE INDEPENDENT, 22 October 1988


SIR CLIVE SINCLAIR has launched himself into the satellite television fray and back into battle with his old adversary, Amstrad founder Alan Sugar. Yesterday, Sir Clive unveiled a flat square dish antenna, costing from 150, for receiving television pictures from the Astra satellite. Astra, due for launch at the end of the year, will carry up to 16 television channels, including Rupert Murdoch's Sky channel services.

The Sinclair direct broadcast antenna, which is 60cm square, undercuts by up to 50 - depending on the configuration - the more traditional satellite dish announced by Amstrad earlier this year.

The flat antenna will be marketed by Cambridge Computer, the company set up by Sir Clive when Amstrad bought the rights to use the Sinclair name on computer products.