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26 Feb 1998

Microfile: Z88 move

THE GUARDIAN, 8 November 1990


Jack Schofield, Computer Editor

ANOTHER British micro manufacturer has been snapped up by foreigners. Sir Clive Sinclair's Cambridge Computer, which developed the Z88 laptop, has been taken over by SCI (Space Craft Industries), a $1.2 billion corporation based in Huntsville, Alabama.

SCI was making Z88s at its Scottish plant, and already owned 14 per cent of the firm. It has increased this to 96 per cent for an unspecified sum, leaving Uncle Clive, the founder and former chairman, with 2 per cent. He is no longer a director.

Cambridge Computer has now moved from Cambridge to Irvine, Scotland. It will benefit from ''heavy investment'' from SCI but continue to operate independently. Next year it will start developing new products to add to its Z88 and Astra-compatible satellite kit. The firm has no plans to change its name to Irvine Computer.