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WHERE IS...? (Part 1)

This page last updated on 21 March 1998

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16/48 magazine

See Roger Swift.

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Ashby Computers & Graphics (ACG)

See Ultimate.


See Keith Burkhill, Paul Machacek, and Bob Pape.

Artic Computing

See Jon Ritman and Richard Turner.

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Beam Software [Penetrator, The Hobbit, etc.]

Still around and happy to let people grab their old games in snapshot form - see their website.
Info by: Fredrik Ekman.

Binary Design [180, Zub, Amaurote, Glider Rider etc.]

See John Pickford and Ste Pickford.

Bug Byte

See Karl Hampton and Matthew Smith.

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See R. T. Smith.


Still going strong, though not doing budget stuff any more. Home page here. Also see David Spicer and R. Fred Williams.

Crash magazine

Crashed. Was, to their eternal shame, merged with Sinclair User towards the end. See Simon Goodwin, Roger Kean, Lloyd Mangram, Barnaby Page and Eddie McKendrick.

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Delta 4

See Fergus McNeill.

Denton Designs

See Dougie Burns, Stuart Fotheringham, Fred Gray, Colin Grunes, John Heap, Dave Lawson, Ally Noble, Paul Salmon and Steve Wetherill.

Design Design

See Simon Brattel and Graham Stafford.


See Ed Hickman.


See Mark Incley, Richard Naylor and John Pragnell.

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Electric Dreams

See Mark A. Jones.


See Keith Burkhill, Paul Holmes and Duncan Sinclair.

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Faster Than Light (FTL)

See Gargoyle Games.

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Gargoyle Games/Faster Than Light

See Roy Carter.


See Dominic Robinson.

Gremlin Graphics

Still going strong, though now called Gremlin Interactive. Quite happy for their old games to be distributed, they have a retro page on their web site with some of their games there plus they've released the rights for official distribution to Alchemist News.
Info by: Andy Davis, Russ Juckes.

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See Dominic Robinson.

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Imagine went bust and the name was bought by Ocean. Used for a good while, the name eventually disappeared. See Marc Dawson, Alan Fothergill, John Gibson, John Heap, Ally Noble and Ian Weatherburn.

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Mastertronic was bought up by Virgin, becoming Virgin Mastertronic and went on for a while before disappearing into Virgin Interactive Entertainment. Also see John F. Cain, Ste Cork, David Jones and Binary Design.


See Dave Perry.


See Keith Burkhill and Robert Erskine.

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Still in existence, have a homepage. See Simon Butler, Bernie Drummond, Mike Lamb, David Aubrey Jones, Mark R. Jones, Jon Ritman and Christian Urqhuart.

Odin Computer Graphics

See Marc Dawson, Stuart Fotheringham, Colin Grunes, Paul Salmon and Steve Wetherill.

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The company is still going strong of course, making electronic organizers etc. See also Steve Kelly and Stephen Townsend.

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See Glenn Flood and John Hollis.

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Realtime Games Software [aka Realtime Graphics]

See Graeme Baird and Ian Oliver.

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Sinclair Research

While the 'Sinclair' name was sold to Amstrad (a name now itself defunct), Sinclair Research continued on, and is still in existence, still being run by Sir Clive, still producing innovative bits of kit! See also Sir Clive Sinclair and Rupert Goodwins.

Sinclair User

See Tony Dillon and Garth Sumpter.

Software Creations

Still going strong; see their homepage. Also see Marc Dawson, Mike Follin and Tim Follin.

Software Projects

See Ste Cork, Marc Dawson, Stuart Fotheringham, Colin Grunes and Matthew Smith.

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See Richard Stevenson.


See Martin Wakeley.


Produced a couple of adventures on the Spectrum, like Return to Doom. Still going strong as an Acorn educational software house, though they don't do games any more. See their web site.
Info by: Richard G. Hallas.


See Alan Cox.

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Ultimate Play The Game/Ashby Computers & Graphics (ACG)

Calling themselves Rare and producing console games for Nintendo, e.g. Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct for the new Nintendo Ultra 64. Don't like their games being distributed.
Info by: Dylan Cuthbert.

U.S. Gold

See Keith Burkhill and Ste Cork.

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Vektor Grafix

See Derek Austin, Andy Craven and Ciaran Gultnieks.


See Martin Wheeler.


See Mark Haigh-Hutchinson and Costa Panayi.

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Your Sinclair magazine

See Linda Barker, Marcus Berkmann, Matt Bielby, Simon Cooke, Leigh Loveday, Teresa Maughan, David McCandless, Jonathan Nash and Phil South.

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Individuals A-G

Derek Austin [Vektor Grafix artist - Star Wars]

Now works for Psygnosis.
Info by: Ciaran Gultnieks.

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Graeme Baird [Realtime Games Software - 3D Starstrike/Starglider]

Working on new technology for Psygnosis in Leeds.
Info by: Ian Oliver.

Linda Barker [Your Sinclair editor]

Club president of Prism PD. Wrote a bit in PD Power.
Info by: Robert Cooper (aka Icabod).

Ian Bell [BBC version of Elite]

Now working on a new game of which he is "keeping the details secret". Has a web page containing some stuff on Elite, amongst other things. (Mail me if you want Ian's e-mail address)
Info by: Paul Jenkinson, Ian Bell

Marcus Berkmann [Your Sinclair writer]

Now writing for the Mail on Sunday.
Info by: Keith Willoughby.

Matt Bielby [Your Sinclair writer]

Now working for Future Publishing on SFX magazine.
Info by: Chris Muskett.

Simon Brattel [Design Design programmer - Halls of the Things/Dark Star]

Runs his own company producing system software.
Info by: Andrew Toone, Jon Ritman.

Nigel Brown [Mirrorsoft/Sales Curve - Andy Capp, Silkworm, Ninja Warriors]

Now Research and Development director at an Acorn company, Innovative Media Solutions Ltd. See their their web site which has some of his old stuff available for download (in the Psion 5 section!).
Info by: Richard G. Hallas

Keith Burkhill [Elite - Commando/Ghosts 'n Goblins/Space Harrier]

Working freelance (for Probe at the moment). From Keith:
"[Some of the games] I did were Afterburner Speccy/Amstrad, sold lots, then Galaxyforce which sold about 30 copies because Activision went bust, there are probably none left in existence! Also I bet you'v never heard of Gee Bee Air Rally; Activision gave me about 15 copies which is about how many it sold! That was a really bad game and I can't understand why they commisioned me to convert it from the c64. The worst games I did were of course with Probe. Back to the Future 3 - surely the worst game ever on the Speccy and Master System. I remember one reviewer saying you would be better off going into the street and giving £35 to a complete stranger than buying that on the Master System. Again it was just a conversion from the C64. Then came Alien 3 on MS and GG, typical Probe platform game, that was done for MirrorSoft and Robert Maxwell commited suicide half way through the contract (maybe he had seen the game). Myself and the Genesis programmers were hoping to get out of finishing the project, but US Gold sensing a tedious platform scroller up for grabs jumped in and finished it off. Then came Incredible Hulk, typical Probe platform game again, I was supposed to be converting the Genesis + SNES ones as they went along but they were so slow I also squeezed in Krustys Fun House on MS + GG and MK1 on MS and GG in the same time. I did MK2 on the GG and MS too and was supposed to be doing the Genesis one but for various reasons didn't and lost out on a fortune in royalties - I'd never have had to work again!

I did FIFA 96 and Alien Trilogy on the Saturn (quite good money shame about the game), F1 on the Saturn (cancelled because the Saturn is not viable anymore) and that's that. I still have all the old source code and dev kits right back to Pogo days etc even though some of it was on microdrives so may be unreadable!"
Info by: Stephen Smith, Keith Burkhill.

Dougie Burns [Denton Designs programmer]

Last seen in Glasgow as a used car salesman.
Info by: Stuart Fotheringham, Andrew Toone, Ralph Ferneyhough.

Simon Butler [Ocean artist - Neverending Story/NOMAD/Cosmic Wartoad]

Still up in Liverpool and working for a software company.
Info by: Mark R. Jones.

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John F. Cain [Mastertronic - Booty]

Still lives on the Isle of Man, as he did when he wrote Booty. He has a gold cassette of Booty on his wall!
Info by: Mark Walker.

Roy Carter [Gargoyle Games/FTL - Heavy On The Magick/Lightforce]

Roy Carter is a registered user of Z80 and has given spoken permission to distribute the Gargoyle games. They are (were?) doing things for Psygnosis - not all of them game writing.
Info by: Brian Gaff, Andrew Toone.

Pete Cooke [CRL - Tau Ceti/Academy/Room 10]

Did a game called "Tower of Babel" for the ST, Amiga and Archimedes a few years ago, and more recently he programmed the menu system for F1GP II on the PC.
Info by: Tero Turtiainen, Darrel Sinclair, Richard Hewison.

Simon Cooke [Your Sinclair technical editor]

Alive and well and a regular on comp.sys.sinclair and has put up extracts from YS issues at his web site.
Info by: Simon Cooke.

Ste Cork [US Gold/Mastertronic/Software Projects - Rescue, Wibstars, Psycho Pigs UXB, Star Paws]

Now working for Psygnosis; an interview with him is available here.
Info by: Ste Cork via Philip Bee.

Alan Cox [Tynesoft - Blizzard Pass]

Now doing network stuff; has thought about a Linux version of Blizzard Pass. He has a home page where you can retrieve some adventure stuff (but not Blizzard Pass itself, as that is owned by whoever bought the rights from Tynesoft).
Info by: Alan Cox.

Andy Craven [Vektor Grafix owner - Star Wars]

Now has a company producing VR arcade machines.
Info by: Ciaran Gultnieks.

Mel Croucher [ID]

Writing for magazines; including the Great Moments In Computing strip for Computer Shopper.
Info by: Damien Burke.

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Marc Dawson [Imagine/Software Projects/Odin programmer]

(Apparently worked on the never-released Manic Miner 3 with Matthew Smith when at Software Projects!) Was mostly a C64 programmer; founded Eldritch The Cat (ST/Amiga software house with Steve Wetherill, now Marc is Senior Projects Manager at Software Creations; an interview with him is available here.
Info by: Marc Dawson.

Tony Dillon [Sinclair User reviewer]

Formed a company called 'Reflex Technologies' with Patrick Kelly and worked on a 'nice 3D car game' for a while. They then wrote the software that is currently running on the interactive units in the Leeds Royal Armories. The company went bust due to problems with payments for their game, (approx early 1997) and Tony was last heard of (August 97) going back to being a music journalist (his original career).
Info by: Paul Jenkinson.

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Bernie Drummond [Ocean - co-author of Matchday/Batman/Head over Heels]

Works for a games software company in the UK called Cranberry Source, which Jon Ritman is director of.
Info by: Jon Ritman.

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Robert Erskine [Mirrorsoft - Battle of Britain]

Robert wrote Battle of Britain among other stuff and also ran Microgame Simulations. They published Spec-fx and various books (e.g. "60 Programs for the Sinclair Spectrum" from Pan). He is now working for Smallworld Cambridge on GIS.
Info by: Robert Erskine, Stephen Smith.

Eugene Evans [?]

Currently working in Chicago at Viacom New Media. He's been there for a good few years before which it was Icom Simulations, Inc. the people who did the CD-ROM Sherlock Holmes games, T-MON for the Mac, and Dracula Unleashed.
Info by: Brian Leake.

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Glenn Flood [Quicksilva artist - tape inlay art for Astroblaster and others]

Programming and drawing still; has a nice web site showing off a lot of his artwork.
Info by: Glenn Flood.

Mike Follin [Software Creations programmer - Bubble Bobble/Bionic Commando]

Working for Psygnosis; an interview with him is available here, and he has a homepage.
Info by: Mike Follin via Philip Bee.

Tim Follin [Software Creations musician - Bubble Bobble/Bionic Commando]

Just finished working on the music for the 'Batman and Robin' game.
Info by: Mike Follin via Philip Bee.

Alan Fothergill [Imagine]

Apparently reads comp.sys.sinclair.

Stuart James Fotheringham [Odin artist - Nodes of Yesod/Robin o' the Wood/Heartland]

Got involved with Marc Dawson's Eldritch the Cat software house for a while. Now reads comp.sys.sinclair. From Stuart himself:
"From 1984 to 1989 I worked for Software Projects, Odin Computer Graphics, Denton Designs and then I went freelance. -- in 1989 I left the games industry.

From 1990 I programmed analysis tools for an international management consulting company. I had the opportunity to work in every European and Scandinavian country, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the Pacific- rim.

In 1996 myself and a partner started our own consulting business, we develop enterprise system solutions for global corporations and financial institutions in the City.". A further interview with him is available here.
Info by: Stuart Fotheringham, Marc Dawson.

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John Gibson [Imagine programmer - ZZoom/Stonkers]

Currently working in the Chester office of Psygnosis and has been for some time.
Info by: Stuart Fotheringham, Andrew Toone, Ralph Ferneyhough.

Julian Gollop [Chaos, LaserSquad, Rebelstar]

Owner of Mythos Games (with Nick Gollop); still programming (UFO, X-COM).
Info by: Miguel Melo.

Nick Gollop [Chaos, LaserSquad, Rebelstar]

Owner of Mythos Games (with Julian Gollop); still programming (UFO, X-COM).
Info by: Miguel Melo.

Simon Goodwin [Crash Tech Tips writer]

Was still writing for Sinclair QL World when the final issue (July 94) came out. Simon Goodwin writes for Amiga magazines and Computer Shopper. He was also seen at the Last Sinclair and SAM show in Gloucester. Messing with both Speccy emulator for Amiga and hardware Speccy emulation for IBM PC; notably on Speculator '93, a QL Speccy emulator currently being converted to run on the Amiga. Reads comp.sys.sinclair.
Info by: Simon Goodwin, Jenni the Satsuma, Brian Gaff.

Rupert Goodwins [Sinclair Research programmer]

Now technical editor at PC Magazine. From the man himself:
"I worked on the Spectrum 128, +2 and +3 at Sinclair and Amstrad, writing increasingly baroque parts of the ROM. The little rainbow flash on the menus and main screen was mine as was the screen handling code in general together with paging stuff, bits of the BASIC, initialisation code and the tape gadgets. There was more, but I mercifully forget what... reading your page of 128K Spectrum quirks brings some of them back, though. VAXNSUZ.$$$ was the invention of fellow coder Vik Olliver (nickname Vax, whose wife was called Suz), and the pretty dancing squares sound-to-light was mine. That was one of the first bits of assembly I wrote, back in the spotty-oik-in-bedroom days, and got published in Personal Computer News as a Program Card. It was nice to shoehorn it into the ROM and give it a final resting place...

The code was always in a terrible mess, as the original stuff was badly documented (we ended up using Ian Logan's disassembly book in preference to the original source at Sinclair); the Spectrum 128 stuff was written on our VAX cluster - ever seen a VAX run CP/M? - while the Amstrad stuff got written on an unholy collection of PCW 8256s (really!) and a Minstrel multiuser 8080/TurboDOS machine.

...there was infinite insanity in that place, and it was the best job I ever had..."
Info by: Rupert Goodwins.

Fred Gray [Denton Designs musician]

Now a Care Worker - works with handicapped people in Liverpool.
Info by: Marc Dawson.

Colin Grunes [Odin artist - Nodes of Yesod, Heartland]

From 1984 to 1989: Colin worked for Software Projects, Odin Computer Graphics and Denton Designs as an excellent graphics artist.

From 1991 to present: Colin creates world-class presentations and communication materials for an international management consulting company. He has worked all over Europe, but particularly likes Scandinavia.
Info by: Stuart Fotheringham.

Ciaran Gultnieks [Vektor Grafix programmer - Star Wars]

Now co-owner of The Software Refinery Ltd, developing games such as Slipstream 5000 and Hardwar for the PC.
Info by: Ciaran Gultnieks.

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