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This section last updated on 21 March 1998

This section is dedicated to information about the whereabouts or current activities of Sinclair scene personalities. Mostly this means games programmers or magazine writers. You may also want to visit the Giant List of Classic Game Programmers. Information regarding these people (and especially any not mentioned here) is very welcome; if you are such a person and would like your entry modified or removed for privacy reasons, please let me know and I'll do what you require ASAP.

Warning! Please note that the email addresses within this section have been protected against junk mailers by adding the text .no.junk.mail to the end of the address. You must remove this before sending mail to any person listed here; sorry about the hassle but the spammers now have programs to scour web pages for email addresses and I do not want these people bothered by junk mail as a result of appearing in this document.

To save a lot of work, I have removed the email addresses of the information contributors entirely (saving 5Kb in the process!); I have kept them on file so if you spot somebody you want to mail, let me know and I will pass any messages on.

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