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Sinclair ZX Spectrum FAQ

This FAQ last updated on 21 March 1998 - What's new?

Maintained by Philip Kendall

This document covers information on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer and questions that appear frequently on the comp.sys.sinclair USENET newsgroup. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is based on the FAQ as previously maintained by Marat Fayzullin and Damien Burke.
Important: email addresses within the FAQ are spamblocked; you must remove the .no.junk.mail text from the end of every address before sending.
Also, please read the copyright notice below.

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Copyright: this FAQ is © 1995-1998 Damien Burke and Philip Kendall. Permission to include it with emulators is hereby granted, as long as it is not modified in any manner. If you wish to display this FAQ (in full) on your own web site (or other media, including CDs), apply to Damien Burke to become a mirror site. If you wish to display only portions of this FAQ on your own web site (or other media), you may not do so without Damien's specific permission (and that will only be granted in special circumstances). Sorry to sound so officious, but there have been a number of uncredited rip-offs of parts of the FAQ and I'm sick of it. This FAQ may not be reproduced on CDs without Damien's permission. Permission is already granted for the following CDs: those explicitly mentioned in the second paragraph of question 4 of the FAQ and the upcoming "The Encyclopedia of Spectrum Games - 98" CD from Cameron Lister.

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