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This page last updated on 31st August 1997

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1 emulator listed:


ROMU6 (Cesar Hernandez and Juan Hernandez)

  1. Emulates Spectrum 48K BASIC only.
  2. No snapshot loading, tape files loaded via normal MSX tape loading.
  3. No snapshot saving, tape files saved via normal MSX tape saving.
  4. As the above implies, apparently has real tape support through normal MSX tape loading.
  5. Requires an MSX II with 128Kb Memory mapper. Though it will run on an MSX I with a memory mapper the colours will be wrong.
  6. Speed?
  7. Freeware.
  8. Good points?
  9. Bad points?
  10. Max Celedon apparently has something to do with the authors and may know more.
  11. Available from here for the time being.

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