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This page last updated on 31st August 1997

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1 emulator listed:

[Spectrum 48]

(Some information from Adam Roach's comp.emulators.misc FAQ)

Spectrum 48 (Whitby Computers Ltd.)

  1. Emulates Sinclair BASIC only - no Z80 emulation, so no machine code programs work. Microdrive emulated via 1541/1571 disk drive.
  2. Loads Microdrive files from disk.
  3. Saves Microdrive files to disk.
  4. No real tape support.
  5. Requires just a basic C64.
  6. Slow - well, it is just BASIC and it is on a C64!
  7. Freeware?
  8. Allows C64 users to see some of the superiority of Sinclair's masterpiece (well you try and think of a good point!). And Sinclair BASIC is somewhat more useful than Commodore's attempt.
  9. Useless for all but the most BASIC of games (pun intended).
  10. No other comments.
  11. Available from here for the time being (ZIPped up .P00 file for use with the PC64 CBM 64 emulator).

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