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This page last updated on 21 March 1998

I'm sure I've missed out people in this list, for which I apologise; shout at me if you should be here. Thanks are also extended to everyone mentioned in the 'info by' bits of the Where is...? section if not specifically mentioned here. Anyway, mucho thanks to:

Alvin R. Albrechtfor info on TC2048 and TS/TC2068.
Damien Burkefor maintaing this FAQ from 1995-1997.
Richard Carlssonfor info on his Speccylator emulator for the Amiga.
Paulo Sergio Coelhofor info on TC2048 and TS/TC2068.
Ian Collierxz80 emulator, advice, Z80 information and more...
Krzysztof Czysciakinformation about Elwro emulator.
Marc Dawsoninformation about several Spectrum programmers.
Carlos Duartefor more info on the TK90 machines.
John Elliottinformation about 128K machines.
Marat Fayzullinfor creating FAQ versions before 2.7!
Brian Gafffor keyboard repair info and moderation services ;)
Eduardo Gallegofor some BBS numbers in Spain.
Guillaume Gentyinformation about several Speccy programmers.
Pedro Gimenofor his information on contended memory timings.
Arnt Gulbrandsenfor keeping Spectrum WWW page, FTP archive and multiple contributions to this file. Also, for his IBM PC-based JPP emulator. Your WWW page is cool, Arnt. ;)
Simos Hadjiyiannisfor several FTP addresses I didn't have.
Martijn van der Heidefor his database program and Jeroen Kwast's new email address.
Des Herriottfor his xzx emulator, which is the first and the only way to play LodeRunner on a Unix workstation! :) ignoring the unix version of course - eh Ian?)
Adam Hodsoninformation about emulators for the Amiga.
Sean Irvineinformation about channels and streams.
A.G.Jacksoninformation about emulators for Acorn Archimedes.
Bob Johnsoninformation about TS2068 and TK90X.
Erik Kunzefor continuing updates to info about his xzx v2 emulator; the only emulator author who regularly sends me a correctly laid out piece of HTML I can just paste straight into the appropriate part of the FAQ... if only they all did... .
Gerton Lunterfor the excellent information about ZX-Spectrum internals and Z80 emulator for IBM PC.
Peter McGavinfor some useful information and (of course =:)) his excellent Spectrum emulator which actually multitasks under AmigaDOS and is system-friendlier than many other programs.
Miguel Meloinformation about several Speccy programmers.
Szeredi Miklosfor information about his SpectEmu emulator.
Alexander Mudretsovinformation about the SP105 emulator.
Joseph S. Myersinformation on undocumented Z80 behaviour.
Troels Norgaardinformation about KGB.
Emil Obermayrfor pinouts of ULA, AY-3-8912 and keyboard layout.
Hansjoerg Oppermannfor information about Speccy.
Antonio Ortizfor sending me the C64 and MSX II based Spectrum emulators and other information.
Kirill Panyushkinfor translating some Russian emulator documentation and making a very good job it too!
Andrew Pollardfor information about JASPER.
Pera Putnikfor information about port 254 and the differences between Issue 2 and 3 Spectrums.
Boudewijn Remptcompilation of postings for Where is...?
Rui Ribeirofor several contributions to Technical Information, and WSpecem.
Jon Ritmaninformation about himself!
Adam Roachmaintainer of comp.emulators.misc FAQ; information about the Speccy BASIC emulator for the C64.
Thorsten Roskowetzinformation about Atari-based emulator.
Ribic Samir(co-author of Warajevo) for numerous updates to the emulators section of the FAQ, benchmark info and Warajevo's TAP file format description.
Stephen Smithinformation about several programmers and his great games FAQ and database web pages.
Marcelo Strasunasinformation about TK90X and TK95.
Arttu Ylarakkolafor checking some sites in the resources section for me.

... and everybody else who has contributed to the FAQ, manages FTP archives, writes Speccy emulators and generally helps to keep the Speccy alive!