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The Sinclair Machines: 1960s

Clive Sinclair went into business for himself in 1962 after some years of editing electronics magazines and writing books such as Modern Transistor Circuits for Beginners for Bernard Babani, the publisher. He had registered Sinclair Radionics Ltd in 1961 after he thought he had found a backer for his miniature radio project (which was eventually to see light as the Slimline in 1963). However, this fell through and it was not until the end of 1962 that Radionics produced its first product.

The 1960s saw an era of unspectacular but steady growth for the company, with a wide range of cheap electronic goods being produced. Quality was mixed and many of the quality control problems which were to plague the later computers were already visible. Nonetheless, Sinclair ended the decade in robust financial shape and with a strong position in the hobbyist market, from which he was beginning to expand into mainstream high street consumer electronics.

December 1962   Micro-Amplifier
April 1963   Slimline - (radio)
January 1964   TR5 - (amplifier)
September 1964   TR750 - (amplifier)
September 1964   Micro-6 - (radio)
December 1964   X-10 - (amplifier)
June 1965   Z-120 - (military amplifier)
June 1965   X-20 - (amplifier)
December 1965   Micro-FM - (radio)
January 1966   Z-12 - (amplifier)
May 1966   PZ-3 - (power supply unit)
September 1966   Stereo 25 - ("preamp control unit")
February 1967   Micromatic - (radio)
October 1967   Q-14 - (loudspeaker)
April 1968   Neoteric 60 - (amplifier)
October 1968   System 2000 - (hi-fi system)
June 1969   IC-10 - (amplifier)
December 1969   Project 60 - (hi-fi amplifier)